Fake tan

Is it just me or is the world of fake tan an absolute landmine?  And by that I mean you are an absolute winner or complete disaster, all over, in pieces!?!?!?

I paid a professional to sort me out with a fake tan.  Context, it was for my wedding and I PAID for the privilege.  This was a well respected salon, years of experience and I was an absolute beginner (nails also butchered but that is another story), however I KNEW to go for a trial run, this was for my big day after all.  I had patches, don’t get me wrong, the colour was lovely but I had streaks and patches missing.  I also took my bridesmaid in (she was a self tanner expert), she also had issues.  In the end, I opted out, they refunded and gave my bridesmaid two free sessions however I wasn’t for it.  Your wedding has no room for Fake Tan errors, once it is on it takes a fair amount of time/industrial cleaning stripper to get that stuff off!

I used to tamper with those tinted moisturizers and recently went back to them, unless you know what you are doing…………………….patches galore.  AND you don’t know how bad your application is until hours later when it has developed.  My Ex boyfriend was fabulous at applying moisturizer/tan, me myself, not so much.


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