Good Lord!

One song comes on the radio, or YouTube by user selection *excuse me* and it flings you back to your youth whether you wish it or not!

So we had a small part of N SYNC, yes really! which then led on to Hanson *MBop*, Spice Girls, Mark Morrison AKA Return of the Mack, Back Street Boys………………………..etc etc form an  orderly line please we have descended into anarchy!

What brings more shame?  I am an educated individual however, give me a sniff of ethanol and I am shipped back to 1995, bad decisions, questionable music and I am transported back to a time with no social ties, responsibilities or iota of giving a crap!

Next thing you know I am on Twitter/Instagra/Facebook, hunting down said celebs and putting forth ridiculous scenarios before passing out on the couch!

Welcome to middle age, where the night of indulgence with is fabulous and whey hey and the next morning is crawling into your work suit and not making straight eye contact with any of your social media because you know you have mortified yourself yet on some level still not caring.  Go 1995 me, you were epic, 2017 me you are a cog in the machine and what my 1995 me would call a “pure riddy”!.


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